Freight ships

When transporting on the sea there are some differents ships that are used:

Bulk carriers are ships that transport in bulk such as ore or food staples (rice, grain etc). The bulk carrier can be either wet or dry.

Container ships carry the load in truck-size containers. These ships carry the majority of the world´s dry cargo.

Multi-purpose ship can also be called a general cargo ship. This ship can transport a variety of good. It can be bulk commodities or break bulk and heave cargoes.

Refrigerated ships carry commodities that require temperature-controlled transportation. Such as fruits, meat, fish, dairy product or vegatables.

Roll-on/roll-off ships are designed to carry wheeled cargo such as cars, trailers or railway carrriages. Tankers transport fluids such as crude oil, petroleum, liguified natrual gas and chemicals. It can also carry food like vegetable oils and wine. In these ships it is important to use a liquid level to make sure there are no leakage.

Special cargo ships are ships designed to transport forest products, bulk cargos, unitized cargoes, project cargoes and containers.

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