There is not much you cannot send around the globe with a ship. There is all from private persons sending their belongings when moving to another country far away to companys sending their goods by sea. 



Choosing to send you transport by sea is usually a more cost efficent way of sending. The time for delivery will be longer but if you are not in a rush this is a good option costwise. 

Another benefit by using sea freight is that there is not much limit to how much you can send. The ships are huge and you can send one container or lots of them. For example for a company like tommys hushållsnära they can order a whole container of cleaning products for a low cost. 

How much a global transport by sea will cost depends highly on how much you will send. There is a big different from sending part of a container to buying a full container to send. Calculate how much you are expecting to send and also if it will be a recurring transport or a one time send. This will also affect the price you will recieve.