Choice of freight method

What to choose for your freight has mostly to do with what you are sending and when you need it. However there are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing freight by sea, air or land:

  1. How important is it for me to get my goods in at a certain time?
  2. How important is the price for me?
  3. How important is the environmental aspect for me?

You may answer that all of these are important for you but you need to access what is the most important for you and to what extent. For example if you are going to import cheap toners for your warehouse in Sweden you might not be sensitive to the time it takes for them to arrive but you would be price sensitive. Then you can choose the cheapest possible freight. However if you are importing the latest phone with a release date you might want to choose the freight option that can guarantee your goods to arrive before a certain date.

The key here is to not choose the freight only due to price, time or environmental reasons but to weigh them all in your choice.